Get ready for the minting

At 9AM EST on 1st November, you will have the ultimate opportunity to mint a Horny Dragon for 0.5 SOL. This minting event will be available to anyone and everyone interested in owning their own Horny Dragon and being part of a rapidly growing community of collectors.

Step into the Dragon Paradise

Horny Dragons is an NFT collection featuring 7000 of the cutest, hand drawn, and unique Dragons.

Horny Dragons was created with the intention of building a large community of passionate followers, where we can come together to contribute and create fundamentally strong ideas for the future growth of the project, while also being involved in the lore around our NFT.

Meet The Team

The Horny Dragons team comes from an IT background. We run our own IT firm in the corporate world, and we have the resources to brainstorm and develop various solutions. We have worked with many big clients and have done many projects – Mobile App development, mini games development, 3D site development and AR / VR solutions are some examples. If you haven’t already joined the Discord channel, please drop by to say hi.









DRAGON HOLDER privileges


exclusive community


dragondao treasury



Upon launch, Horny Dragons will be available for trading on all secondary marketplaces. Our rarity chart on our website will also be launched once minting is completed.


Official launch of our exclusive Merch store for Horny Dragons holders.

Marketing outreach and influencer collaborations to increase visibility of Horny Dragons. We grow as a community.


5 Lucky Horny Dragons will be tagged, and lucky ones who mint any of these 5 Horny Dragons will receive 20 Sol each.


Introduction of the Dragon’s Den. Hang out with fellow Horny Dragons and take part in special closed giveaways and plans for the future.

Grape verification setup for private channel on discord for all Dragon Holders.


All Dragon Holders will receive their first of many airdrops from us – A uniquely cute pet companion for their Dragons. 

Snapshot and airdrop dates will be announced once we have been fully minted.


20% of mint proceeds will be sent to DragonDao Treasury. 

The process to start selecting the DragonDao Treasury team will begin.

Begin development of an interactive 3D DragonDao portal, Dragon’s Den, that will be exclusive only to Dragon Holders. DragonDao funds can be viewed and networking functions will be made available for Dragon Holders to interact and grow together. 

More exciting functions will be released in the near future.


What is Horny Dragons?

Horny Dragons is an NFT collection featuring 7,000 of the cutest, hand drawn, and unique Dragons. Owning a Horny Dragons NFT will involve you in many privileges in our upcoming planned road map.

What benefits do I get for minting Horny Dragons?

Please refer to this section for some benefits that we have planned for our Dragon Holders.

What is the cost of minting?

It will cost 0.5 Sol to mint a Horny Dragons NFT.

When is the launch date?

The launch date is planned for 1st November, 9am EST.

Which Solana wallets can I use for the mint?

We will be supporting Phantom wallet or Sollet for the mint.

Who are you?

Please refer to this section for more information about our team. Do feel free to drop us a DM on Twitter, or chat with us on Discord to find out more.

Merch Store (preview)